Brooke Worthington is a Nashville native and resident. With formal education in bench jewelry and metalsmithing, each piece is produced with meticulous attention to quality and detail. A self-proclaimed sentimentalist, Brooke maintains that jewelry is more treasured when it has personal meaning to its owner.


As a reflection of her understated sense of style, she also believes that jewelry does not need to be loud to make a statement. Brooke’s creative process is guided by a profound appreciation of fine metals with a propensity for minimalistic embellishment. Her current collection is largely comprised of delicate, daily-wear pieces in yellow gold, oxidized silver and diamonds.


Brooke Worthington jewelry continues to evolve as she recently opened her flagship storefront in the heart of Nashville's Green Hills area. In addition to continuing to design her own pieces, she now carries a curated assortment of other jewelry lines with a similar aesthetic. The shop is located at 2182 Bandywood Drive and is open Tuesday through Saturday from 11 to 5 pm.



Some info about the pieces...

Several of Brooke's pieces are comprised of gold-fIlled elements, from chain and closures to ear-wire. What is gold-filled? Gold-filled is made from solid gold and "filled" with other alloys.  Gold-filled wears like solid gold because its outer surface is solid Gold.  Electroplating is not a part of this process.  Gold-filled is created by using heat and pressure to fuse a layer of karat gold tocopper, brass, or some other base metal.  The bond produced is a permanent one Gold-filled offers all of the same physical characteristics as solid gold but at a fraction of the cost. With reasonable care it is a long-lasting alternative to solid gold.